Best Areas to Rent a Home in Mumbai for Struggling Actors!

If you have ever been to Mumbai then you’ll know how difficult it is to find a suitable accommodation in the city. And if you are a struggling actor then your chances of finding a good home go down considerably. In this article, we have given a layout of the best areas to stay in Mumbai for struggling actors along with the rent and PG prices.

1st Advice: Stay Close to Andheri

If you are a struggler then choose an accommodation near Andheri as this is where most of the auditions take place. Big production houses like Yashraj Films and Balaji Motion Pictures are also situated in the area. While the rents here are a tad higher when compared to budget areas like Kandivali, Virar, and Vasai, you’ll save a lot on your travel expenses. Also, you are much more likely to create a good network of friends from the film industry in Andheri as compared to other areas.

  •  PG/Rent Accommodations in Andheri

Average PG Rent: INR 10,000-12,500
Double Sharing PG Rent: INR 8500-9500
Single Room Set: INR 15,000-20,000
1 BHK: INR 25,000-35,000

  •  PG/Rent Accommodation in Goregaon

If you are looking for cheaper option and still want to stay close to Andheri then Goregaon would be a good option. Average PG Rent: INR 6000-11,000 (Depending on single/double/triple sharing)
Single Room Set: INR 11,000-17,000
1BHK: INR 15,000-24,000

  • PG/Rent Accommodation in Malad

Another good option which is not far from Andheri is Malad. Below we have given the PG/Rent prices for Malad.

Triple Sharing PG Rent: INR 7500
Single Room Set: INR 11,000-21,000
1BHK: INR 14,000- 30,000
Budget Friendly Options in Mumbai
If are looking for more budget friendly accommodations then you’ll have to come far from Andheri towards Kandivali, Borivali, Virar, Vasai, Naigaon etc..

  • PG/Rent Accommodation in Kandivali and Borivali

Average PG Rent: INR 5,000-11,000
Single Room Set: INR 9,000-14,000
1 BHK Rent: INR 14,000-23,000

  • PG/Rent Accommodation in Virar

Average PG Rent – INR 4,000-8,000
1 BHK: INR 10,000-15,000
2 BHK: INR 15,000-21,000
Please note that you’ll be required to pay 1-2 months brokerage for all of these locations. Also, if you decide to move away from Andheri then a lot of your time would be spend travelling, so take that into account before making the final decision.

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