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THE FILM INDIA Bollywood Contact Directory.


(Jumbo Edition) 2022-23 

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film India directory

THE FILM INDIA Bollywood Contact Directory.

(Economic Edition) 2023-24

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the film india directory

THE FILM INDIA Bollywood Music Contact Directory.

(33rd Edition)

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the film india directory

About Film India Directory

Film India Directory, established by Ramesh Malhotra, has been a cornerstone in providing updated and comprehensive information within the Indian Film & Music Industry since 1985. With a meticulous focus on accuracy and relevance, we have curated a vast repository spanning 337 categories, encompassing the names, addresses, contact numbers, email IDs, and websites of individuals connected with the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission since inception has been clear – to furnish our clientele with authentic and current information. Through relentless dedication and concentration, we strive to ensure that our clients have access to the most reliable and up-to-date resources available.

Market Leadership

Over the years, Film India Directory has emerged as a market leader in the publication of Indian Film & Music Industry directories. Our continuous commitment to quality publications has solidified our position as the go-to source for industry information.

Empowering the Industry

Beyond being a mere information provider, Film India Directory serves as a powerful communicator, fostering closer ties within the Indian Film Industry. By facilitating access to vital information, we contribute to the enhancement of working conditions and overall industry dynamics.

Our Offerings

We offer three releases annually:

  1. Film India Directory – Economic Edition: Includes the Bollywood Industry Database.
  2. Film India Directory – Jumbo Edition with CD: Encompasses Bollywood, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Marathi, and Punjab industries.
  3. Music India Directory: Tailored for the Music Industry, covering Musicians, Bands, Live Show Performers, Dancers, and Reality Show Participants.

Exclusively Bollywood Information Network

Film India Directory prides itself on being an “Exclusively Bollywood Information Network,” extending support to businesses beyond their immediate marketplaces, enabling growth and expansion opportunities.

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Contact Us

For further inquiries or information about The Film India Bollywood Contact Directory, please feel free to reach out to us:

We are dedicated to serving your needs and providing unparalleled support within the Indian Film & Music Industry.


"The Film India Directory has been an invaluable asset for our production company. Its exhaustive listings have enabled us to connect with industry professionals swiftly and efficiently. The meticulous updates ensure we always have the latest information at our fingertips. A must-have for anyone navigating the vibrant landscape of the Indian Film & Music Industry."
Rahul Kapoor
Film Producer, Mumbai
As a budding filmmaker, the Film India Directory has been my guiding light. From finding talented musicians for my projects to reaching out to seasoned directors for mentorship, this directory has been indispensable. Its user-friendly format and diverse categories make it the ultimate resource for anyone passionate about the Indian entertainment industry.
Priya Sharma
Filmmaker & Screenwriter, Chennai
In an industry as dynamic as Bollywood, having access to accurate and up-to-date contacts is crucial. The Film India Directory not only provides comprehensive listings but also fosters a sense of community within the industry. It's not just a directory; it's a catalyst for turning dreams into reality. Kudos to the team for their unwavering commitment to excellence
Arjun Desai
Independent Music Composer, Pune
As a seasoned actor, staying connected is essential for sustaining a thriving career in the Indian film industry. The Film India Directory has been my go-to resource for networking and staying updated on industry trends. Its diverse categories and meticulous attention to detail make it an indispensable companion for anyone navigating the complex web of Bollywood. Highly recommended
Neha Patel
Film Actress, Mumbai
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