Welcome to the Cine TV Artist Welfare Association’s exclusive online acting course! As a dedicated platform for our esteemed members, we are excited to offer comprehensive acting courses designed to hone your craft and raise your skills to new heights. Our structured curriculum consists of three active sessions per week, providing a strong foundation in the performing arts.

You must be a registered member of the Cine TV Artists Welfare Association to enroll in our acting classes online. Membership provides access to our renowned program, where they are immersed in a transformative learning experience. For a small fee of Rs 1000, you get access to a month-long journey of discovery and development.

Please note that classes run from the 1st to the 30th of each month, ensuring the same learning environment for all participants. If you have to apply in the middle of the month, don’t worry! While they cannot attend immediate classes, they will welcome you to next month’s sessions, ensuring that you do not miss out on valuable instruction.

At the end of the one-month course, members take a comprehensive test to assess their progress. The association awards the winners a prestigious sports certificate in recognition of their dedication and achievement.

It is important to understand that although our courses provide valuable training, the Cine TV Artists Welfare Association does not guarantee employment in the film industry. Success in the industry depends on your talent, dedication, and continuous honing of your craft.

Note:- Admission fee will not be refundable after admission

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Acting Classes
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