International Cinema Work Permit:

The International Cinema Union, CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION (CTAWA) is a prestigious organization dedicated to representing the rights and interests of actors, and Cinema Crew working in the global film industry. Founded on the principles of solidarity, equality, and professionalism, the CTAWA strives to empower actors and ensure their voices are heard on an international platform.

The mission of the International Cinema Actor Union is to:

  1. Advocate: Advocate for the rights, welfare, and fair treatment of actors in the film industry worldwide, ensuring they receive appropriate recognition and compensation for their work.

  2. Promote Professionalism: Promote professionalism, ethical standards, and artistic excellence among actors, fostering a culture of respect and collaboration within the industry.

  3. Support Career Development: Support the career development and growth of actors by providing access to resources, training, and networking opportunities.

  4. Protect Rights: Protect the rights of actors against exploitation, discrimination, and unfair labor practices, advocating for equitable working conditions and opportunities.

  5. Celebrate Diversity: Celebrate the diversity of talent and cultural expressions within the global acting community, promoting inclusivity and representation on screen.

  1. Legal Support: Provide legal assistance and advice to actors facing contractual disputes, copyright issues, or other legal challenges related to their work.

  2. Professional Development: Organize workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of actors, helping them stay competitive in the industry.

  3. Networking Events: Host networking events, film festivals, and award ceremonies to promote collaboration and recognition among actors and industry professionals.

  4. Industry Advocacy: Advocate for industry-wide policies and practices that benefit actors, such as fair compensation, safe working conditions, and opportunities for career advancement.

  5. International Cooperation: Collaborate with other industry organizations, unions, and government agencies to address common challenges and promote the interests of actors on a global scale.

Membership in the International Cinema Actor Union is open to professional actors working in the film industry, as well as aspiring actors, acting students, and industry supporters. Members benefit from access to resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy support.


The International Cinema Actor Union plays a vital role in advancing the rights and interests of actors in the global film industry. Through its advocacy, support, and promotion of professionalism, the ICAU contributes to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant environment for actors worldwide.

About International Cinema Work Permit:

An International Cinema Work Permit is a specialized authorization document designed for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the international film industry. This permit grants legal permission to work on film productions in foreign countries, ensuring compliance with relevant immigration and labor regulations.

  1. Specialized Authorization: The International Cinema Work Permit is tailored specifically for individuals working in the international film industry, including actors, directors, producers, and crew members. It provides legal authorization to participate in film productions abroad.
  2. Collaborative Productions: With the globalization of the film industry, many productions involve collaboration between artists and crews from different countries. The International Cinema Work Permit facilitates cross-border collaboration by ensuring that all participants have the necessary legal clearance to work on the project.

  3. Duration of Validity: The permit is typically issued for the duration of the film production or a specified period, allowing individuals to work legally on set. It may include provisions for extensions or renewals to accommodate longer production schedules or additional projects.

  4. Industry Compliance: Holders of the International Cinema Work Permit are required to comply with industry standards, including labor regulations, safety protocols, and contractual agreements. This ensures fair treatment, proper compensation, and adherence to ethical practices throughout the production process.

  5. Global Mobility: The permit facilitates global mobility for artists and crew members, enabling them to travel to different countries for film projects without encountering legal barriers or immigration issues. It promotes diversity, creativity, and cultural exchange within the international film community.

  1. Access to Global Opportunities: The International Cinema Union opens doors to diverse film projects and production opportunities around the world, allowing artists and crew members to expand their professional networks and gain valuable international experience.

  2. Legal Compliance: Holders of the permit can work on film productions abroad with confidence, knowing that they have the necessary legal clearance and documentation to participate in the project legally.

  3. Cultural Exchange: Working on international film productions provides opportunities for cultural exchange and collaboration, allowing artists and crew members to learn from different filmmaking traditions, techniques, and perspectives.

  4. Professional Development: Engaging in international film projects enhances professional development and skill-building, exposing individuals to new challenges, creative processes, and industry best practices.

In summary, the International Cinema Union plays a vital role in facilitating international collaboration and mobility within the film industry. It ensures compliance with legal requirements, promotes cultural exchange, and fosters creativity and innovation in global filmmaking endeavors.

Application Process:

The application process for an International Cinema Work Permit typically involves the following steps:

  • Submission of required documents, such as passport, employment contract, and proof of professional qualifications, address proof.
  • Payment of applicable fees and processing costs. 
  • (₹58,672.74 INR. for 1 year Membership) 
  • (₹29,479.00 For 6 Months Membership) 
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Application For 1 year

Application For 6 months

Application For 3 months

Apply for a Films Visa

Film (F) Visa for Shooting Feature Films, Reality TV Shows, and Commercial TV Serials

Application Process: Proposals for shooting feature films, reality TV shows, and commercial TV serials are processed by the Film Facilitation Office at the National Film Development Corporation, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Contact details are as follows:

Film Facilitation Office
National Film Development Corporation
4th Floor, Soochna Bhawan, Phase 1, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110003

Processing Time: Please note that applications may require longer processing times.

This information aims to facilitate the application process for shooting feature films, reality TV shows, and commercial TV serials in India. For further details and application procedures, please contact the Film Facilitation Office at the provided contact details.

Film (F) Visa Guidelines for Shooting Feature Films, Reality TV Shows, and Commercial TV Serials

Application Process: Foreign teams intending to shoot feature films, reality TV shows, or commercial TV serials in India must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Submission of Documents: Four copies of the detailed shooting script for feature films or a detailed concept for TV shows/serials, along with information about the visiting film crew and shooting locations, must be submitted to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for scrutiny and clearance. Copies can be forwarded directly or through an Indian Mission abroad. The Ministry may levy a fee for scrutiny of the application.

  2. Compliance with Approved Script: The film must be shot according to the script approved by the Government of India. Any material deviation requires prior permission from the Government.

  3. Liaison Officer: The Ministry may attach a liaison officer to the foreign team to assist them during shooting. The expenses for the liaison officer’s boarding, lodging, and travel will be covered by the Government.

  4. Presence of Liaison Officer: The shooting must be conducted in the presence of the liaison officer, who ensures that nothing detrimental to the image of India or its people is included in the film. Disputes will be resolved by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

  5. Screening Requirement: The complete film must be shown to a representative of the Government of India before its release, either in India or abroad. No portion of the film should be shown publicly without prior approval.

  6. Formal Application: A formal application for permission to shoot in India, specifying shooting locations, must be submitted to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs may also be required in some cases.

  7. Joint Ventures: Detailed agreements between Indian and foreign parties must be furnished to the Government of India for specific clearance in the case of joint ventures.

  8. Post-Shooting Report: After shooting is completed, a report detailing the actual shots taken must be provided to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

  9. Undertaking: An undertaking must be given to the Ministry if any assistance is sought from any Ministry of the Government of India or from any State Government/UT.

Grant of Film Visa: If the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting approves the proposal, the consulate may consider granting a Film (‘F’) Visa subject to the following conditions:

  1. Submission of a letter of intent regarding the shooting in India, including production schedule, cast and crew details, shooting location, and equipment list.

  2. Requisite permission from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for shooting the film in India.

  3. Project-specific visa endorsement indicating the name of the film and the international production company.

  4. The Indian Mission/Post abroad will issue the Film Visa, considering the nationality of the applicant. Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs may be required for certain nationalities.

  5. The visa allows for multiple entries with a maximum duration of one year, extendable upon submission of a letter supporting continued activity.

  6. The maximum number of crew allowed is 125, unless the project requires a larger crew, which will be considered case by case.

  7. Foreigners must be employed by the foreign company producing the film and register with the FRRO/FRO concerned.

  8. Foreigners must demonstrate adequate means to support themselves in India and show incentive to return to their place of residence upon visa expiration.

Important Notes: Foreigners on Film Visa should refrain from engaging in certain activities, adhere to foreigner’s guidelines, and follow all regulations during their stay in India.

Transactions related to film shooting must comply with RBI guidelines, and no agreements conflicting with national interest should be made.

The procedure for shooting documentary or advertisement films remains unchanged, with existing guidelines for journalists continuing to apply.

For further details and clarification, please contact the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting or visit their website.

Appendix. I

Form for the undertaking required to be given by the foreign team to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in case any assistance is sought from any Ministry of Government of India or from any State Government/ UT for shooting of feature film/ reality TV show and/ or commercial TV serials


The Secretary,
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Government of India, New Delhi.



With reference to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s letter No…………………….. dated ………………….. we hereby give the following undertakings: –

  1. Shooting of the film will be done in locations in India in accordance with the script as approved by the Government of India. If we consider any material changes are necessary in the script, we shall obtain, the prior approval of the Government of India for such changes.
  2. We shall furnish the detailed particulars of the members of the shooting team and the exact locations where the shooting would take place in India at least one month in advance of the arrival of the team in India. We note that prior approval of the Government of India is necessary for the fixing of locations for shooting in certain areas.
  3. We note that in the case of assistance to be obtained from other Ministries such as Defence, Education etc. separate agreements as stipulated by these Ministries, are required to be signed with them.
  4. We shall shoot the film only in the presence of a Liaison Officer where attached to the team by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  5. We accept that part of the Liaison Officer’s duty will be to ensure that nothing detrimental in the depiction of India or the Indian people shall be shot or included in the film. In the event of any disagreement arising between the team and the Liaison Officer in this respect, the matter will be immediately referred to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting whose decision will be final. We shall ensure that India’s security interests are not compromised in any manner.(vi) We undertake to show our completed film to the representative of the Government of India/ the Indian Mission in*_________________ for scrutiny if recommended by the Ministry of I&B and we further undertake to delete and destroy the portions of the film that may be found objectionable on such scrutiny by the Government of India, before the film is utilized for public exhibition anywhere in the world.
  6. After the shooting of the film is completed in India we shall provide, in duplicate, to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting a narrative report about the details of shooting done in India.

Yours truly,

Appendix. II
List of designations of the cast and crew that normally constitute part of a film shoot

2Executive Producer
4Associate Producer
5Line Producer
6Unit Production Manager
7Unit Manager
8Production Manager
9Music Director
8Production Manager
8Production Manager
11Director of Photography
12Film Editor
13Casting Director
15Production Designer
16Art Director
17Supervising Art Director
18Location Manager
19Key Hair
20Key Make Up
21Prosthetic Sculptor
22Prosthetics Make Up Artist
23Makeup Assistant
24First Assistant Director
25Second Assistant Director
26Second Second Assistant Director
27Third Assistant Director
28Script Supervisor
29Construction Coordinator
30Assistant Props
32Scenic Painter
33Set Designer
34Set Decoration Production Assistant/ Interpreter
35Assistant Set Decorator
36Set Designer
37Art Coordinator
38Assistant Graphics Designer
39Head of Department Construction Rigger
40Property Master
41Assistant Art Director
42Storyboard Artist
43Head of Department Construction Engineer
44Scenic Artist
45Concept Artist
46Sound Designer/ Supervising Sound Editor
47Sound Recordist
48Boom Operator
49Digital Recordist
50Additional Engineer
51Score Mixer/ Score Recordist
52Gimbal Technician
53Visual Effects Artist
54Visual Effects Designer
55Digital Imaging Specialist
56Data Wrangler
57Vfx Editor
58Systems Programmer
59Plate Photographer
60Visual Effects Producer
61Digital Compositor
62Sfx Supervisor
63Sfx Assistant
64Stunts Director
65Stunt Coordinator
66Stunt Assistant
67Stunt Double
68Key Grip
69Grip Boy
70Rigging Electric
71Camera Operator
72Aerial Photographer
73Clapper & Loader
74Digital Imaging Technician
76Best Boy
78Still Photographer
793d Camera Systems Engineer
80Camera Assistant
81Dolly Grip
82Camera Assistant
83Video Assist
84Costume Assistant
85Extra Dresser
86Costume Assistant
87Wardrobe Assistant
88Costume Supervisor
89Avid Technical Support
90First Assistant Director
91Transportation Manager
92Transportation Assistant
93Picture Vehicle Coordinator
94Animal Trainer
95Animal Wrangler
96Travel Coordinator
97Unit Publicist
98Unit Doctor
100Health & Safety Manager
101Catering Manager
103Dialogue Coach
105Key Craft Service
106Main Cast
107Secondary Cast
108Cast – Day Players

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International Cinema Work Permit
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