About US

Cine & TV Artist Welfare Association is the leading voice for Indian culture.

The CINE & TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION is governed by an elected executive committee, that works on an honorary basis, Cine and TV Artistes Welfare Association have a membership base of over 8,000+ members.

Cine & TV Artists Welfare Association is a Bollywood artist association. We provide vocational training programs for job seekers in Bollywood and skill training programs for actors and workers working in Bollywood and arrange and provide all necessary material. We are distributing rations and other essential items to needy families. Apart from this, we are also organizing tournaments and training programs in different types of sports.

Our Association (CTAWA) is an autonomous body registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860 or Trade Union Act 1926, with the following objectives. To nurture a sense of fraternity and unity among its members and to regulate their professional relations with their employers. To promote and encourage high standards of professional conduct and integrity among its members and to enhance their skills by organizing paid workshops.

Artist Card Cost

The cost of an artist card is 2000 and it can be of two types: one is for junior artists and the other one is for senior artists. These cards are registered by authentic associations like CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION I (Regd.)

Artist Card Benefits

Amplify your voice with national wide Artist identity

Get your ARTIST CARD with us and score your identity as an artist. It gives you an identity as an Artist and protects your rights as an artist. The association act for the welfare of artists working in the industry. You must understand that having an Artist card has nothing to do with you getting work. Getting work totally depends on the factors like your skills, requirements, and many other things. An Artist card is just for the welfare of an Artist.

General Questions

How can I make my artist card? 

  • On the website of Cine TV Artist Welfare Association, you can apply for an artist card online: www.cinetvartistcard.com If you are not able to apply for an artist card on the website, you can contact the association by phone or through WhatsApp: +91 9987882490

Is artist card necessary?

  • The artist card is primarily required since it provides protection to an artist’s basic needs, such as payment, working hours, and so on. In situations where a large production house requires a large number of junior artists, authentic organizations produce these cards.
  • From a simple day laborer, worker, or up-and-coming artist to a groundbreaking Bollywood actor, no matter what kind of job you’re aiming for in the film industry, you need an artist credential to ensure your safety.

Which artist card is best?

  • In the film industry, artist cards are issued by a variety of unions. The most suitable union for an individual artist is one that caters to their interests. An example of such a union is the Cine TV Artists Welfare Association.

What is the cost of artist card?

  • The artist card price is set at 2000 INR and can be divided into two categories: one for junior artists and one for senior artists. Registered artist cards are issued by Registred associations, such as the Cine TV Artist Welfare Association I (Regd).

About Fake Artist Card

  • The artist card is very important for an actor, but there are many scams in the name of the artist card. Never make an artist card from a person who promises you work in exchange for an artist card. The artist will not give you a job, only a document that identifies you as an actor. You must go directly to the union office to apply for an artist card, and not rely on just anyone to get you an artist card.

What documents are required to make artist card?

  • 5 passport-size photocopies
    Copy of one of the following documents: Aadhar Card, identity card, ration card, driver’s license, proof of residence, voter card ID
  • Profile of members’ Worklink and website listing will be placed on the website of the Cine & TV Artist Welfare Association free of charge.
  • Members’ profiles and events will be publicized on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the Association’s website
  • Networking and socializing with an elite group of 20,000 outstanding artists
  • Reduced entry fees to all open juried shows
  • Discounted registration fees for educational programs
  • Discount for, Blood tests, eye tests, sugar tests, and health checkups.
  • Discount for, Salon And Spa
  • Discount for. hotel Rooms In India
  • Discounts on entry fees for CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION members on all “open” shows
  • Your name, contact information, and website are listed on the CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION website member directory as well as inclusion in our artist biography binder in the gallery
  • Opportunity to promote your personal shows, exhibits, and workshops on the CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION website and notice board
  • Receive ‘Call to Artists’ for opportunities and exhibitions, local and region-based
  • Every day information about auditions and open shows in the Indian film industry is disseminated to the members by the association team.
  • Protect your legal and social statutes with CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION, The association works tirelessly to provide legal assistance in their work and help them in every conflict. You can avail free legal advice, and participate in various sessions on knowing your legal rights as an artist.
  • CINE & TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION is actively involved in a number of areas of advocacy to improve the working environment for artists and arts organizations. We regularly undertake active campaigns to bring about change or pioneer new policies for the sector and encourage input and participation from our members.
  • Recognition and validation of your work
  • Presentation, educational programs, and panel discussions available to members
  • The yearly online exhibition for all volunteers
  • CINE TV ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION has a yearly program of events, programs, and resources for professional development for artists. The program includes community building, skills development, and insights into professional practice.
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